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Preliminary Program (Last Update: June 23, 2022)

Please note that this is only a preliminary program which might be subject to change.

Slot Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 - 10:00 Sheldon Goldstein Sergio Albeverio Michael Kiessling Jean Bricmont Herbert Spohn
10:00 - 11:00 Stefan Teufel Alessandro Pizzo Siddhant Lev Vaidman Tim Maudlin
11:00 - 11:30
Short Break
11:30 - 12:30 Sören Petrat Antoine Tilloy Sandro Donadi Lea Bossman Closing, Short Addresses, Toasts, Buffet, Get-Together
12:30 - 15:00
Lunch break
15:00 - 16:00 David Albert Rodolfo Figari Howard Wiseman Franz Merkl
16:30 - 17:00 Fay Dowker Catalina Curceanu Short Talk Session Panel Discussion
17:00 - 17:30
Coffee break
17:30 - 18:30 Jürg Fröhlich Nino Zanghi Niklas Boers Joel Lebowitz (Zoom)

Panel Discussion

Short Talks Session


This is the first conference of the Laws of Nature initiative. It will be taking place during August 8-12, 2022 at the Mathematical Institute of the LMU Munich in Munich. Following the goals of this initiative, it is aimed at bringing together senior and junior scientists and promote scientific exchange on fundamental questions in physics, philosophy, and mathematics.

This conference will in particular be held

remembering Detlef Dürr
and his profound legacy by means of bringing together many of the people, senior and junior, who in different ways played a major role in Detlef's life. In the spirit of Detlef's comprehensive approach to understanding the laws of nature, it will be an international and interdisciplinary conference covering physical, mathematical, and philosophical aspects in the foundations of physics.

The conference is organized by


There is no registration fee but for the reasons of fire and potentially also Covid regulation we would require all participants to register with an email at:

Please let us know your surname, first name, institution, and the duration of your stay at the conference.

For junior scientists who are willing to give a 5-10min presentation we will be offering limited funds for traveling. If you would like to apply for these funds, please indicate so and let us know title and abstract of a potential presentations.

Travel and accommodation

The conference will take place at the

Mathematical Institute
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Theresiensse 39
80333 München

Arriving from the central train station: Take a "S-Bahn" in the direction of "Ostbahnhof". Exit at the next station "Karlsplatz/Stachus" and proceed to ground level following the signs to "Tram 27" in the direction of "Scheidplatz". Exit at the three stop which is called "Pinakotheken" which is located at the crossing of "Barerstrasse" and "Theresienstrasse". Find the institute directly in front of you when you exit the tram on the right.

Arriving from the airport: Take the S-Bahn S1 or S8 which are both leaving towards downtown. Exit at "Karlsplatz/Stachus" and then follow the above description.

We will have rooms reserved for speakers and panelists at: which are in walking distance to the institute.

Beside the above two hotels, there are many hotels in the vicinity of the conference and we kindly ask the participants to find a hotel and book early.

Important information about reimbursement of public and regional transport

The German government has introduced a cheap public and regional transport ticket, called 9-Euro-Ticket, for the months of June, July and August 2022. Please note that due to the implementation instructions of the State Ministry of Finance, for regional and public transportation only the 9-Euro-Ticket will be reimburseed.If a regular ticket is purchased for whose area of validity the 9-Euro ticket would also have sufficed, the costs can only be reimbursed up to a maximum of 9 Euros.

So please make sure, you buy a 9-Euro-Ticket whenever you are travelling by public transport, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and regional trains!

The 9-Euro ticket can be purchased at any ticket machine. Detailed information on the ticket can be found on the website of Deutsche Bahn.


Please contact us at email should you have any questions.

We are looking forward to having you in Munich!